Low-voltage electrical ----prospects

 Low-voltage electrical applications in life is undoubtedly very wide, it is in industry, agriculture, transportation, defense and people's electricity sector, in most cases, low-powered, electrical components will directly affect the quality of the low voltage power supply system reliability.

GDP growth of China's economy, although not compared with the previous years of rapid development, but even to maintain annual growth rate of 7.5% compared to rest of the world also belongs to faster-growing ranks of the column. Continue to maintain high-speed economic development, but also directly show that the country's infrastructure construction is still in the large-scale construction. In transportation, industry and other sectors of construction efforts will be further maintained.
Infrastructure construction boom, driven by the rapid development of the industry is also a large, including automation, equipment manufacturing, electrical power and other industries.
As is the low-voltage electrical industry, transportation and other aspects of the application is extremely wide range of products, in this case, the market environment is absolutely far from bad. With the power industry and the changes in the industry and electricity distribution industry, the rapid expansion, opportunities for low-voltage electrical industry can be described as heavy. "Twelve Five" period, the national grid in the smart grid and smart grid construction investment totaled 1.5 trillion yuan, 300 billion yuan per year, which will undoubtedly ensure the steady growth of low-voltage electrical appliances; rapid growth of urban population will also boost power generation and electricity consumption growth, low-voltage electrical future market development space will continue to enlarge.
At this stage, the small scale of low-voltage electrical industry, excessive number of companies in more than 90%, the low-end products, repetitive production, three generations of products coexistence situations. According to market research national policy direction in the next period of time, the structure of low-voltage electrical products need further adjustment.
Others talk about the future, the development of low-voltage electrical appliances, will depend on the development of national economy and the needs of the development of modern industrial automation, as well as new technologies, new processes, new materials research and application, the current is moving performance, high reliability, small technology, digital to analog, modular, combination and direction of component commonality.