Buffett purchased hundred gas power plant

Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway's MidAmerican Energy at Local 29, said natural gas will be $ 5.59 billion acquisition of NV Energy's power generation equipment business. Is worth noting that the purchase price of MidAmerican Energy $ 23.75 per share, representing the 29th NV Energy closing prices 23%, so stimulated by the news, after-hours stock price soared 23%, to $ 23.73 per share.

Some analysts have said that Buffett put aside every major acquisition will lead to a stronger A-share related companies aside, on natural gas as a clean energy itself, China's demand, so regardless of short or long term, natural gas extraction, storage and transportation supply, power generation equipment, etc. A Industry are worthy of attention.

Galaxy Securities Research principal analyst Qiu Xiaofeng that the petrochemical industry, natural gas as a clean energy, but China's conventional and special gas (such as shale gas) reserves are high, the proportion of primary energy consumption will be increasingly high, 2015 and 2020, from 4.0% in 2010 increased to 6.3%, 11.3%, strong demand, coupled with the lack of supply, which means that the entire gas chain, will have broad market prospects. Natural resources within the market will not sit idly.

In fact, the natural gas industry chain does Niugu frequent. Wind data show that only a natural gas mining, transport and equipment in the field of listed companies, as of yesterday, this year rose more than 100% of the Rich Reiter equipment (liquefied natural gas storage and transportation equipment), Hui-Bopp (oil and gas services), Jay Swiss shares (natural gas equipment); rose more than 50% to nearly 10, as LandOcean, Po Mo shares and so on.

Qiu Xiaofeng also analyzed, this year around the residential natural gas prices have started to rise, the past six months more than 20 cities to raise prices or price adjustment hearings held. And now, the natural gas price adjustment and floating space, including the downstream gas supply including gas heating companies will also have a chance.

In addition, Datong Securities strategist Liu Yunfeng said Buffett every major acquisition from the past term, will lead to the A share market related stocks in the market. This involves itself relatively high heat gas fields, the probability of short-term opportunity is quite large. And the transaction amount exceeds the 2012 Berkshire Hathaway bought 26 companies total $ 2.3 billion, showing the new energy-related fields are valued.

For Buffett, the acquisition of natural gas power generation equipment business, Founder Securities researcher Shi Ming Xuan said that the petrochemical, natural gas power generation is a new energy rookie, currently associated with Hailu Heavy Industry, Hangzhou Boiler, Wah Kwong shares, Kwong love all other listed companies. Overall, the exploration and exploitation of links fracturing equipment suppliers Jerry shares, logging equipment suppliers Jiai Technology, a leading oilfield engineering services technology benefits Bopp, liquefied natural gas storage and transportation equipment, Rich Reiter installed downstream of the leading technology , Xintian Technology, Hangzhou and other leading pan share more of a concern