Triggered the rise of a new generation of third-generation network equipment network revolution

      May 19 to 20, the third Chinese power development and technological innovation Members Forum held in Beijing. Biennial Members Forum organized by the China Electric Power Research Institute, the forum for the exchange of electricity science innovation, cohesion academic together, build cooperation platform for the purpose of gathering electricity science scholars and experts in related fields to exchange the latest academic trends and outlook Industry future trends. Delegates at the forum "Electric Power System and Automation" and "Energy and Power Generation," "Transmission Engineering", "Electrical materials and electricity," and other fields of study. Articles launch special reports to reflect the forum's innovative ideas and insights academicians.

"At present, the global energy shortage, resource constraints, climate change and other issues have become increasingly prominent, China's energy security, energy efficiency, energy, environment, it is also facing serious challenges. To fundamentally solve these problems, we must take the road of innovation and development, and vigorously shift energy development. "April 19, Liu Zhenya, general manager of the State Grid Electric Power Development in the Third Chinese Academy of Sciences and Technology Innovation Forum keynote speech emphasized.

Zhou Xiaoxin, Lu Qiang, Zheng Jianchao, Xue Yusheng, Pan Yuan, RAO Fang rights and other 32 Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Engineering gathered in the Third China Electric Power Development and Technological Innovation Fellow forum. Half day conference theme of "innovation-driven development" theme explore domestic and international energy and power of the latest scientific advances, the latest achievements and cutting-edge technology, prospects of China's energy and power technology trends.

UHV to achieve sustainable energy development

The party's 18 pointed out that technological innovation is to improve the social productive forces and overall national strategic support, must be placed at the heart of national development globally. General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed that the implementation of innovation-driven development strategy is based on the overall major future-oriented strategy. Central earlier this year issued "on the strengthening the dominant position of technological innovation, to enhance the innovation capability of enterprises opinions" on efforts to cultivate innovative enterprises put forward higher requirements.