Taiwan's first 500 kV substation sites identified intelligent

      After more than three months of investigation, design, feasibility studies, pilot country's first intelligent substation 500 kV - 500 kV substation in Changchun South Smart on March 30 officially identified sites, and sites that have been selected at conducted a project mapping piles transition. Currently, the substation ongoing land acquisition and construction of the external power supply design work is expected to start construction in June this year, in June 2011 and put into operation.

This substation is completed, will completely change the existing management model, in the past conventional substations, distributed multiplayer mode will shift into intelligent digital, centralized control unattended mode.

December 24, 2009, Fujian Electric Power Survey and Design Institute completed a 500 kV substation integrated innovation Changchun South intelligent engineering solutions; mid-January of this year, completed the preliminary design and conduct the assessment. Fully demonstrated in Changchun and Siping regional electricity demand growth in the region after the design is finalized. The station is completed, will achieve inter-provincial 220 kV Electromagnetic Ring Network security and stability operation after providing necessary conditions.

To ensure the quality of design and construction, the choice of sites, the design unit investigated in detail Changchun southwestern region of the soil conditions, topography, surrounding environment, hydrometeorology, outlet corridors and other factors, these factors in sufficient technical and economic comparison based on the argument, adhere to "maximize the use of wasteland, badlands, does not occupy farmland accounted for less" principle, and ultimately determine the Gongzhuling City Wing Township Tian youfangtai been cultivated near a total area of ​​about 30,000 square meters of land as sites.

Sites identified, Changchun UHP organizational design and construction units, common at sites that have been selected for the project mapping piles at the transition, Changchun South 500 kV substation intelligence into the point of land acquisition and site work in full swing.

It is understood that in the construction of 500 kV substation at the same time intelligent Southern Changchun, Northeast China Grid Company Limited pursuant to the Northeast power grid to its own characteristics, proposed Bureau of Changchun EHV substation 500 kV kit homes are also transformed into intelligent substation, the formation of intelligent substation, "a construction of a change "of the building situation.