National Grid work actively promote energy metering

With the technology in people's widely used in modern life, people on the measurement accuracy and reliability requirements are also rising in March this year, the State Council issued a metering development plan, which is China since the founding of New China, the first time State Department released the name of the measurement cause long-term development plan, until now, the Ministry of Public Security, human Resources and Social Affairs, Ministry of Transportation and other government departments and the Bank of China, PetroChina, State Grid Corporation and other companies have developed their own implementation plan and implement program.

May 20, Beijing Energy Metering Testing Centre organized a "power-Liang capital integrity measurement" Open Day. Staff explain to visitors the smart meter testing, electricity recharge card purchase process.

"New and replacement energy meter 60,140,000, information collection system covering more than 175 million the number of customers, power meter, collection terminals, low-voltage current transformer full inspection certification received by only 100%." In early 2013, the National grid Corporation issued guidance on the measurement of the work, the reporter noted that such a set of numbers. In order to meet the needs of the implementation of the price ladder, the State Grid Corporation this year will further accelerate the upgrading of electricity metering devices work, is expected to be completed before the end of 2015, the replacement of old power meter.

Research of new technologies in the energy measurement and energy measurement standardization, the State Grid Corporation will also continue to strengthen information collection communication technology research, new metering application technology research, practical anti-tampering technology research, and plans to complete 14 in 2013 measurement professional technical standards revision, and actively promote energy meter key components of national standards.

Furthermore, in order to further broaden the customer to choose the way of the purchase of electricity demand, the State Grid Corporation also provides customers the power supply business hall, bank counters, self-payment terminals, online banking, electricity and other prepaid card to pay electricity bills, to provide customers with electricity has brought convenience.